Friday, March 4, 2011

Real world JavaScript solution

This is the final look of the code to solve the nasty performance problems with the instant search.

if(!$.browser.msie) { /* SORRY, BUT IE IS *SLOW* WITH JQUERY */
    uls = $("#metrics ul:visible"); /* Nasty hack: */
    uls.hide();                     /* 500x speedup on Chrome */
    if(text == "") {
    } else {
} else { /* IE SPECIFIC ALGORITHM (x10 speedup on IE) */
    $( field_search ).parents(".search_realm").find(".search_item").each(function(){
        if( == -1){
        } else {

So, what happened here?
1. The horrible, horrible Chrome performance was due to a too-early rendering attempt. Hiding the containing ul makes Chrome stop trying to render after each element "reappears" and causes no flicker on the screen. The time goes from 12000ms to ~70ms for a 1549 element set.
2. IE didn't like jQuery. Well, don't make it use jQuery. Simple, huh? ;)
Now Chrome is an absolute performance champion with times 30/70, where as IE stays in the 320's and firefox in the 300/150's.

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