Friday, December 10, 2010

Ok, seriously?

Something must be wrong: karma, a disturbance in the force, the economic crisis or something similar. There really is no distribution out there that would be easy and work out of the box without giving headaches?

Someone could say: Ubuntu! Is great! I love it! Ok, let's give it a try.

Download iso, start a VM, install, configure, reboot, update...

Wait... what? Well, at least it gives a solution. They COULD HAVE said that you need to run it as f*ckin' admin (it's for 'human beings", remember?), but let's add the 'sudo' for free. And...

O, rly? How am I supposed to recommend Ubuntu to my non-technical friends? Is this their concept of "user-friendly"?

Thanks for watching.

Ok, I deleted the mentioned file in cache and updated again. It seemed to work. I installed Yakuake and virtualbox-guest-modules, rebooted, and...

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